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History and Organization

In the mid-1960's, the number of recreational craft such as motor boats, yachts and pleasure fishing boats increased, whereupon accidents of craft soared. The increase of accidents made it necessary to ensure the seaworthiness craft and safety of life,therefore the Ship Safety Law was amended in 1973 to expand the scope of ships to be inspected to cover small ships and pleasure boats, aswell, in 1974 the "Japan Craft Inspected Organization" (JCI) was established to inspect craft on behalf of the government .
Increase of craft due to popularity of marine leisure has also made it necessary to protect the interests of craft owners and facilitate sound marine leisure activities . To this end, the Craft Registration Law was enacted, which establishes a register scheme to certify ownership of individual craft, and from April 1,2002,JCI has implemented registration and tonnage measurement of craft under the law.